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  • Dental Bridges

    Bridges are fixed position dental prosthetics, commonly used to replace a tooth or several missing teeth. They are usually anchored permanently to adjacent teeth or implants. Materials often used for a bridge are gold, porcelain/metal or porcelain itself.Patients must take care to clean well above and below these devices

  • Tooth Crowns

    Crowns are basically caps for restored or repaired teeth. A crown is usually made at a dental lab, then bonded to the tooth using a form of dental cement. Crowns are typically used when a large cavity (or performed root canal) threatens the health of the tooth in question. Many patients have porcelain crowns to mimic the color of the tooth, but some patients opt for gold


  • Dentures (partial or complete)

    As our patients mature, it is possible that dentures (false teeth) may be desired to replace missing teeth. Dentures are removable, and replace teeth of the mandibular arch or the maxillary arch. Some patients may only need a partial denture due to maintaining some healthy teeth

  • Root Canals

    Sometimes when a cavity has gone untreated for too long, the root of the tooth may become infected. This is when a root canal may be required. The “root pulp” of the tooth that is infected is removed during this type of procedure, and the area is completely cleaned. The dentist will fill the area with a material to prevent any bacteria from forming