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Preventive Dental Care | Marietta General Dentistry

  • Dental Exams

    We perform oral exams in our Marietta office. Often, our exams will include checking for loose or broken teeth, and if needed we will get a complete set of dental xrays to ensure we are getting a full view of any potential problem. We may be able to use xrays of another dental facility

  • Teeth Cleaning

    Cleanings are recommended every six months, but weknow with today’s busy schedules this is not always possible. Still, it is a good idea to try and stick to the six-month time frame to ensure your gums and jaw bone stay healthy. Depending on exam results, we may do a routine cleaning or a deep cleaning if the teeth have been neglected


  • Fluoride & Sealants

    At the Marietta dental office, we routinely perform fluoride treatments and tooth sealants. Sealants aid in prevention of decay, particularly on the biting surface of your teeth. Once your teeth are cleaned, we can add sealants to help provide a smooth and clean chewing surface on molars. These sealants are further protection against tooth decay

  • Extractions, Fillings

    Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tooth. We can help make the process easier, preparing you for difficult decisions and offering you our expert advice on how to prepare for the loss and how best to make your recovery easier. We also perform fillings for new cavities, and also repair older fillings that have become loose or worsened over the years. In either case, most people prefer a tooth-colored ceramic resin filler to the older silver amalgam fillings